Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy is an award winning nonprofit organization proudly serving the youth of San Bernardino County since 2001. The organization’s purpose is to help enrich the lives of young people through life building activities and instruction in the areas of education, employment, health, mentoring, and community service.

Since its founding YVYLA has provided services and resources to over 20,000 community youth with training in a number of subjects; academic development, violence prevention, employment development, leadership and life skills development, and teen pregnancy prevention to name a few, in addition to delivering some of the area’s most memorable events for youth entertainment.

YVYLA has received a host of awards for outstanding youth service and youth outreach and boast a long list of commendations, illustrating the recognition of our good work, from public and elected officials, as well as other prominent members of the community.

Young Visionaries has a long list of associations and an extensive network of community partners, both in the public and private sector.

We believe in collaboration and have worked in partnership with or under contract for a number of those community partners.

Furthermore, our work has been frequently chronicled in local newspapers, radio shows and television news to date.


  • 2015 Community Service Award~
  • 2015 Model of Excellence Award~
  • 2014 Beacon of Light Award~
  • 2014 Shine the Light On Child Abuse Award ~
  • 2013 Best of the Best for Inland Empire Business ~
  • 2013 Sprit of the Entrepreneur Award Winner for Social Entrepreneur
  • 2013~ Inland Empire Unit of National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of Year Award ~
  • 2012 Trail Blazer Award~
  • 2012 Senator Man of the Year Award ~
  • 2012 Unforgettable Hearts Award ~
  • 2011 Gertude Whetzel Award ~
  • 2011 Man of Valor~
  • 2010 Community Pillar Award for Fairness ~
  • 2010 Executive of the Year Award~
  • 2010 Time for Change Pioneer Award~
  • 2010 San Bernardino County Education Medal of Honor Award~
  • 2010 CAHPERD Emmett Ashford Community Spirit Award~
  • 2008 Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission San Bernardino County~
  • 2008 Unsung Hero Award~
  • 2008 Black Rose Award~
  • 2008 Social Lites Community Service Award~
  • 2007 Amanda Guruge Lifetime Commitment Award~
  • 2007 Man of Valor Award Jubilee House of Praise~
  • 2007 Molina Healthcare of California Community Champion Award~
  • 2007 Peoples Choice Inc “Leaders of Youth Award” Recipient~
  • 2006 Excellence Award Recipient~
  • 2006 Citizens of Achievement Award Recipient~
  • 2006 Youth Outreach Award Recipient~
  • 2005 “Inspiration to Youth” Good Samaritan Award Recipient~
  • 2005 Social Action Trailblazers Award Recipient


By being steadfast and zealous in a highly competitive and ever changing industry, Young Visionaries works tirelessly to provide effective services for at-risk youth emphasizing and encouraging the use of the 3 Es, Education, Empowerment and Engagement.

Rigid in our focus but flexible in our approach, YVYLA continues to develop new programs where we recognize a need in an effort to leave no youths issues unchecked.

It is through this holistic approach to addressing all of the youths individual needs that we effectively serve the young people of the Inland Empire, the largest and fastest growing region in Southern California; where we are faced with the daily challenge of decreasing the risks of a rising population of disadvantaged, low-income youth by training them in the skills needed to lead mature, responsible, healthy, independent adult lives.

In doing so Young Visionaries not only creates more productive citizens we build better, safer communities.

Our Mission

To empower youth in the Inland Empire by delivering innovative programs, services and resources.

Our Vision

Building healthier communities by providing the tool for every young person to make positive life choices